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  • Products and Licensing

  • What is the difference between the full gallery digital download images and facebook images?

    There are two main differences: license and resolution. The images you'll receive with a full gallery digital download are licensed for print and web use; they are medium resolution (2100x1400), generally large enough to print up to 8x10. The Facebook downloads are licensed only for online use. These images are lower resolution (900x600) and cannot be printed. They are fully edited and ready to post to social media.
  • What does personal, royalty-free mean?

    Leaving out all the legal speak (we have full license text for that!), it means you are not permitted to use our photographs to make money. If you are looking for commercial licensing, please contact us to discuss usage and pricing.
  • The watermark on my gallery images is huge! What is my final product going to look like???

    The gallery watermark is large to help deter theft. Copying images from our website and reposting them to social media without permission is stealing, and we do take copyright infringement very seriously.

    When you purchase either digital downloads or prints, your final product will have a small ©Swita Photography in the bottom corner. If you appreciate our talent and hard work, and want to make sure credit is given where credit is due so that we can continue to provide such high quality images, we ask that you please not crop out our watermark when you post or print, and that you tag us with photo credit when posting to social media. Help spread the word that we're here to provide great photos!
  • Gallery Deposits

  • Why do you charge a gallery deposit?

    The gallery deposit is in place for a couple of reasons. First, it allows us to prioritize galleries for those riders who are really excited to see their pictures. We found that photographing hundreds of rides in a weekend produces tens of thousands of images and it takes a long time to sort and delete the photographs we don't plan to keep. This means it's at least a week after a large event before we start uploading galleries! With a gallery deposit, we can sort as needed and get the requested galleries up within a day or two. The other reason for the gallery deposit is to cover a very small portion of the time and expense of shooting, sorting, editing, and uploading the gallery.
  • Is the gallery deposit refundable?

    No, it is a non-refundable charge that is in place to cover a portion of our time and expenses; however, once your gallery deposit order is processed you will receive a credit to use towards your first purchase.
  • I submitted my gallery deposit. Where is my coupon code?

    Coupon codes are generated at the time the gallery is uploaded to the website. As soon as your gallery deposit order is "approved" (it is a manual process on our end) you will receive an email with the code and a notification that your gallery is available online.
  • How to Order

  • How do I submit my gallery deposit?

    This is how you submit a gallery deposit:
  • How do I order a full gallery?

    This is how to purchase your full gallery at medium resolution:
  • How do I order custom images for commercial use?

    Although there are no items visible to purchase for commercial use from the standard gallery, we will happily work with you to find images for your sponsors or for articles you'll be featured in - just send us a quick email or fill out the contact form on our website!
  • Can I order a custom collage/montage with images from different galleries?

    Absolutely! Please contact us for a quote and an estimate on how long the project might be expected to last.
  • Professional Photography

  • What makes your images better than the others?

    There are some photographers out there who seem to focus less on quality and more on quantity (meaning, they shoot more events, put cameras in more not-necessarily-qualified hands, and get whatever angle happens to be in front of them). We focus on nothing but quality. When we bring additional photographers to events, we make sure we know exactly who is behind the lens and that they will be taking the best pictures possible. With so much time, effort, and money invested in photographing events, there will never be a time when we opt for lesser quality images. We take great measures to ensure that our photographers are placed in just the right spot to capture the best light and the best angle at each jump. Just like riders, we walk the course ahead of time and plan to make sure everything is as perfect as it can possibly be by the time horses start flying over fences!
  • Do you get paid to photograph horse trials?

    No, depending on the size and length of the event, it can actually cost quite a bit to photograph multiple phases in eventing. Shooting Cross Country means contracting several photographers, paying them for several days of work, as well as for most of their travel expenses. Very large events that span many days can cost thousands of dollars.
  • How long have you been photographing equestrian events?

    We started shooting freelance professionally in 2011, mainly for Brant Gamma Photography. We started Swita Photography in July, 2016.
  • How many photographers will you have at the next event?

    The number of photographers we bring to an event is largely determined by the size of the cross country course. Our goal is to ensure we can photograph at least both jumping phases (cross country and show jumping). Occasionally at smaller, unrecognized events, we may shoot only show jumping and dressage. For very large, recognized events, we may consider shooting dressage by request.
  • How can we get you to come to our next event?

    Call or email us! We're actively seeking to add USEA recognized events to our 2018 and 2019 calendar in Area II, Area III, and Area VIII.