Due to the time and expense necessary to photograph your event, prepare the images, and create each gallery, we require that you submit a gallery deposit for each entry -
if you had multiple entries (more than one ride) in an event, a gallery deposit is required for each one. If you had more than one ride please contact us and we will offer a discount for multiple galleries in the same event.

This process also enables us to prepare your gallery faster by not focusing on creating galleries for those riders who may not be interested in their photos at this time.

Once you've submitted your payment we will email you a coupon for the amount of your deposit; the coupon can be used on any future purchase (excluding gallery deposits) and will never expire. Please keep in mind that this is a manual process, and as such we do ask that you please allow us 24-48 hours (usually less, if we’re not traveling) to create your gallery. Use the instructions field during checkout to provide event name, rider name, horse name, and bridle number. Omitting this information may cause delays in locating your photos.
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